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"A manageable program that has changed my life." -Ruth

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"Lifestyle change through quick, fun, and challenging workouts that build real world fitness."

"As a busy mom, Fit with Brit allows me the time and flexibility that I need." -Meghann

Real People, Real Results!!

Meet Sharon

Nurse by night, Fit with Brit-ter by day

Sharon is a Fit with Brit-ter who lives a busy life as a nurse working the night shift. Find out how she maintains a healthy work life.

Meet the Walkers

Self proclaimed most attractive members

Jeremy may be a scientist in a research and development department, but can he figure out the science behind a great workout? Jeremy and Christina Walker share how Fit with Brit is a part of their weekly schedule.

Meet the Harrolds

Newlyweds exercise together, it's not like that

Pat, being a Marine, was a physical specimen. His wife convinced him to try a Fit with Brit workout. He wasn’t disappointed. A Fit with Brit convert…SUCCESS!!