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Let’s face it, everyone is different…very different. Therefore, everyone deserves a unique training regime specifically designed for their own body. The Fit with Brit studio trains clients of all skill levels using free weights, resistance bands, steps, small apparatus’ and a Pilates reformer. During sessions Brit works everything from endurance to flexibility, balance and strengthening. No matter who you are - the athlete, the disabled, the senior citizen or the stay-at-home mom, Brit will be able to deliver an excellent workout that will consistently challenge you! Personal Training sessions are by appointment only. Please contact us for availability and hours. Located in San Leandro, CA.

Fitness & Relationships

Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your relationships? The things that hold us back from achieving better relationships include, worry, self-doubt, negative moods and uncertainty. These are all very real things in each of our lives. Did you know that exercise is a proven tool that helps improve these areas? Not only that, but it is also just as effective as psychotherapy and medication. Don’t let the possibilities of what you can grow your relationships into hold you back any longer.

Less Stress

Are the effects of stress killing you, literally? Physical symptoms of stress include headaches, stomachaches, hypertension and heart disease. Exercise has been proven to have immediate and long-term effects on how we handle stress in our lives. Bonus: Exercise also improves one’s sleep! This is a sure way to make everyday a little brighter! Start exercising now!

Weight Loss

Did you know that 66% of all Americans over the age of 20 are overweight? And out of these adults, 72 million are considered obese? This has become a word wide issue because of the health risks involved. The beautiful thing is, it’s never too late to make a difference by exercising! Fit with Brit’s home workouts are great for weight loss since they combine elements of resistance training (building lean body mass), while in an aerobic, calorie burning fashion! Try it today and see for yourself!

Exercise & Back Pain

Low back pain - everybody’s got it! Nearly 80% of the American population suffers from chronic low back pain. So, if you’ve got it how do you get rid of it?! Glad you asked! Here at Fit with Brit we believe in doing things right; meaning we want to help you by teaching proper form so you don’t injure yourself. Also, we believe strongly in incorporating joint stability and core strengthening in all our workouts. That way we can help reduce and hopefully eliminate your pain!

Fitness & Diabetes

Nearly 23 million Americans have diabetes, with 1.6 million new cases each year. A major precursor to type 2 diabetes is belly fat and lack of exercise. For individuals who fall into these categories, health professionals recommend weight loss. Exercise has been proven to help in cases of type 2 diabetes since skeletal muscle enhances the uptake of circulation glucose. This could lead to benefits such as improved glucose tolerance and decreased insulin requirements. Please check with your physician before starting any new exercise programs. Questions? We would love to help!

Preparing for a Marathon

The Fit with Brit team is a huge fan of running! As runners, we whole-heartedly endorse and encourage using Fit with Brit’s Home Health Club for crossing training! It is a great way to build leg strength without bulking up so you can run harder, longer and injury free! Just give us a try! We know you will be telling all your friends about it!

Exercise & Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant and you want to continue exercising? Great choice!! You are officially a studette! Research has shown there are many benefits of exercising during pregnancy, for the health of both mother and child! Although it is important to clearly communicate what you want to do and get approval from your physician, most exercises can be done at a moderate level until the third trimester. With that in mind, please contact us if you are pregnant so we can over some details that will keep you and baby safe! Be sure to check with your physician first before beginning any type of workout program! Have questions? We’d love to chat!

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About Us

Fit with Brit is a company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Fit with Brit Team has a passion for providing a life changing workout program that makes a difference in peoples lives. Fit with Brit’s focus is to provide quality service, with real results for an affordable price. Our philosophy is simple; to provide a workout program that makes a life changing difference, saves you time, is fun and exciting yet still affordable. We strongly believe in investing in the health of our members. That’s why we offer a quality workout program that is constantly fresh and personalized. The Fit with Brit Team understands that doing the same workout is not only dull, but also gets you no results. That is why Fit with Brit offers a high volume of challenging new workout routines that kicks butt weekly!


I’m really out of shape. Will this work for me?

Yes! You may not be able to do everything at first, but you’re doing something and have to start somewhere! Beginners should take many breaks, use lightweights (or no weights at times) and only do what you comfortably can. Don’t get complacent though!! Be sure to challenge yourself and over time you’ll be able to cut down on breaks and pick up heavier weights. Keep in mind that the first 4-5 weeks are the roughest! *Remember to check out the instructional video for modifications on basic exercises to insure your safety!

What exercise equipment will I need?

You will need a light set of dumbbells (5lbs or lighter) and a set of heavy dumbbells (5lbs or heavier). You may be thinking this weight is way too light, but trust me it will be a challenge with the amount of repetitions Brit throws at you! You’ll also need an exercise mat, sweat towel and water bottle. Optional equipment includes an exercise band (start with a light or medium resistance) and an exercise box (step box).

Do I have enough space?

Yes! All you really need is just enough space to do a push-up on the ground! Please make sure you to have a secure environment without any tripping hazards.

Can I watch this from my TV?

Many of your TV’s have this capability. It can be as simple as running an HDMI cable from your TV to your laptop. Please check out a local electronics store for instructions on your specific laptop and television.

I’m not sure if this will challenge me?

It will! I work with many marathon runners and I have never received a complaint about being easy! You can also modify to make it harder. Don’t worry…I always provide that option! Also, a member should listen to the needs of their own bodies for appropriate dumbbell weight. If an exercise feels way too easy, chances are you’re ready to move up a dumbbell size.

How do I cancel my membership?

Login to your PayPal account. Go to recent transactions. Look for payment to Fit With Brit. Click on the "details" link. Near the top of the page, under transaction details, click "My preapproved payments." Select our store. There will be a line saying subscription details. Under that, click "cancel".

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