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Brittany Shaddle

Head Trainer

Favorite Workout
five minute abs (coming soon)



Brittany Shaddle is a tenacious trainer experienced in the fitness industry. She has a degree in Kinesiology and is a certified instructor. she opened Fit with Brit Studio in 2008 and currently teaches exercise classes at a Fortune 500 company. Besides being known for her challenging and intense workout routines, Brittany’s personal inspiration sets her apart in the fitness world as she has battled Multiple Sclerosis since the age of 15. Despite this challenge, Brittany maintains a cheerful spirit, as the disease is what led her to this career path. She passionately believes exercise is a tool to prevent disease and illness and thrives on helping others experience that truth.


Mountains or beach?


If I was an ice cream flavor I'd be?

Coffee Cookie Dream, I'd be delicious.

Favorite Food?

Dark chocolate... can a trainer admit that?

Personal philosophy?

I'm not in the business of making people skinny, I am in the business of making people strong.

Future ambition?

To start a non-profit.

Favorite color?


Most afraid of?


Best feature?

Being 5 feet tall allows me to fit anywhere... and I look 10 years younger from a distance.

Greatest accomplishment?

Catching Michael

If I could meet one person?

Betty White, I love old people!

Favorite sitcom?

Parks and Rec

I find it funny when....?

Animals can talk. I love watching funny animal clips! Talking dogs, sneezing pandas, it never gets old!